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The Fluffy Friends™ Petting Zoo Safety Rules and Guidelines

For your safety and the welfare of the animals at the zoo, please follow the enlisted rules when planning a visit to The Fluffy Friends™ Petting Zoo. By purchasing entrance tickets you automatically agree with The Fluffy Friends™ Petting Zoo Safety Rules and Guidelines.

  • People that are Allergic to animals are advised to not visit the Zoo. The Zoo administration does not hold responsibility for any allergic reactions of its visitors.
  • Entrance is not allowed in outdoor clothing. Please leave all coats, jackets and other outdoor clothing as well as large bags and backpacks at the Zoo Cloakroom located near the Zoo Entrance.
  • All visitors must wear shoe covers. Admission fee includes shoe covers for every visitor. Make sure to put them on before entering the Zoo.
  • Be sure to step on the disinfection carpets with both feet when entering and exiting the Zoo area.
  • No pets. Pets of any kind are prohibited from the Zoo area for health and safety reasons of the animals.
  • Weapons of any kind, large bags and backpacks, food and drinks, musical instruments and other objects that may be a threat to the calm environment of the Zoo and/or the health and safety of the animals are prohibited.
  • Visitors are required to wash their hands upon entering the zoo and after their visit. Please use the washstands supplied with odor-free soap near the Zoo entrance.
  • Do not leave your children unaccompanied in the Zoo territory. Children under the age of eight may enter only with an adult supervisor.
  • Enclosure and cage admittance is allowed only when accompanied by a Zookeeper.
  • Do not shove your fingers through the cages and enclosures.
  • Do not throw any objects into the cages and enclosures. Do not leave any of your items inside the enclosures or cages unattended and make sure to keep all of your belongings away from the animals. Many species, especially the raccoons and coatis may try to take your jewelry and any other items you carry. The Zoo administration does not hold responsibility for the safety of your belongings including but not limited by clothing, eyewear, electronic devices, jewelry and accessories.
  • Respect our animals. Please remember that the Zoo is their home. Animals act most naturally and are easier to relate to in a calm environment. Do not shout or raise your voice.
  • For your own safety, do not run inside the Zoo. Some enclosures and cages are mounted to the floor and are easy to trip on. Please watch your step.
  • Do not encounter the animals. Entering the enclosures and cages you therefore agree to allow the animals to engage you.
  • Please respect the private space of all animals. Just like people, animals also have feelings. Day to day, they can be in different moods: sometimes you feel more excited, sometimes – less; some days you want to play all day long and some days you just want to take the day off. We kindly ask you to understand these essential facts. Do not chase or grab the animals. Any interactions with the animals that the Zookeeper may find harmful for the animals may serve as a reason to be expelled from the Zoo. Any expelled visitors to not receive a refund of their service fees or any other commercial services.
  • Do not bring outside food for our animals. All of our animals have specific diets that are regulated by an authorized Veterianary doctor, the Zookeepers and other Zoo specialists. Many animals would be glad to try to eat anything you feed them but that does not mean that it will be unharmful to them. Inside food provided by the Zoo is accounted for and strictly controlled by the Zookeepers: for reasons of animal health the animal feeding service is limited. We thank you for your understanding.
  • Be very careful when contacting with the animals. Always remember: no matter the size of the animals, most of them have sharp teeth and claws – thus must be acknowledged, especially when petting and playing with the animals. The administration of the Zoo in not responsible for visitors being scratched, bitten or receiving any other injuries on Zoo territory.
  • Visitors responsible for injuring any animal are responsible for the cost of any necessary treatment.
  • Drunk or inappropriately behaving visitors are prohibited on Zoo territory.
  • Any photos must be taken only with your flash turned off.


  • Adults are responsible for the safety of their children while at the Zoo.
  • The Zoo’s first aid kit is located at the counter near the main entrance.
  • The Zoo Staff is empowered to remove anyone who violates the Zoo Rules and Guidelines.
  • We reserve the right to inspect anything that is brought into the Zoo.