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Persei the white-handed gibbon

Fluffy Friends® is a participant of the Leningrad Zoo charity program called “OPEKA” (translates as “Guardianship” in Russian) that unites people and organizations that love the Leningrad Zoo and it’s animals.

The Leningrad Zoo is not only one of the oldest Zoos but also one of the most important cultural and nature conservation centers in Russia. The Leningrad Zoo performs Young Zoologist Classes for children, organizes lectures, excursions and a series of educational programs named “Through the Pages of the Red Book” to tell us about the animals that require our help, how we treat them in national parks worldwide and about the role of Zoos in rescuing endangered species. The Leningrad Zoo has also developed a social project named “Zdrastvui” (translates as “hello” in Russian) that not only educates but acts as mental treatment for children that require such care.

Fluffy Friends® are very careful in the animal selection process of every petting Zoo the company maintains: Fluffy Friends® do not obtain animal species proper treatment for which they can not guarantee and species that do not feel comfortable interacting with human. At the same time Fluffy Friends® find great importance in providing conservation of endangered species and we are very greatful that the Leningrad Zoo has accepted our help and provided us guardianship of one of the lar gibbons they hold captive. Thanks to the professionalism of the Leningrad Zoo specialists in maintaining such a healthy environment, Persei has become a father at the Leningrad Zoo three times! Persei’s lar gibbon (also known as the white-handed gibbon) family lives happily at the primate house of the Leningrad Zoo. You may identify them by the Fluffy Friends® Guardianship sign at their enclosure.

The Leningrad Zoo is a true museum of live nature in the heart of Saint Petersburg with a collection of over 600 species: small and large predators, ungulates, birds, primates, rodents, reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates, fish and other lifeforms.

We are proud to welcome you to visit the wonderful Leningrad Zoo in Saint Petersburg, Russia and kindly ask you to stop by Persei’s enclosure to say “hi” to him and his beautiful siblings!