We are open daily from 10:00 and until 22:00
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For a most comfortable Fluffy Friends® experience please mind these simple but important recommendations.

  1. Please wear shoes that completely cover your feet and have a low heel. Visitors wearing slippers, sandals, high-heels or other shoes that may put the animals at any risk will not be allowed to enter the enclosures.
  2. Considering that most animals have sharp teeth and/or claws we highly recommend you wear clothes that tightly cover most of your body parts and that you value least. An old pair of jeans with that sweatshirt you don’t know why you bought except that it fits you well are a great pick.
  3. Please do not wear any accessories to our zoo. Many of the animals would love to chew that watch you wear or try to swallow a pair of fancy earrings.
  4. If you have long hair it would be best to make a pony-tail or tightly assemble your hair otherwise.
  5. Please do not use any perfume/cologne at the day you plan to visit us! Most animals have a much more powerful nose than we do. The reaction of racoons, foxes, ext. to your Eau de Toilette may be worse than you might have expected.
  6. Do not bring any food with you! Each of our animals have their own individual diet. We carefully select our suppliers to make sure are Fluffy Friends receive high quality food in the exact amount needed.
  7. Please do not bring your pets with you since their acquaintance with our pets is highly unpredictable.

Following these simple recommendations is key to a safe and positive visit to Fluffy Friends®