We are open daily from 10:00 and until 22:00
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Fluffy Friends® is an absolutely unique Petting Zoo where our friendly animals may be provided the opportunity to interact with the visitors. At Fluffy Friends® qualified zoo specialists are always there to educate their visitors on how to treat our Fluffy Friends and take proper care of the global nature and wildlife.

Among our Fluffy Friends® you will find racoons, domestic foxes, Cameroonian goats, ferrets, meercats, rabbits, coypus, civets and many other interesting species! Professionally trained Veterinary doctors, Zookeepers and other Zoo specialists maintain a healthy environment for each and every of our Fluffy Friends.

Our staff will be glad to describe the whereabouts and specialties of every Fluffy Friend living on campus. What they have in common and how they outstand from their brothers and sisters that live in the wilderness. Here you will find out why one needs a long nose while to another it is keen to wear a fluffy tail. In the meanwhile, you may be granted a possibility to visit the animals in their enclosures and help the Zookeepers in the feeding process and take care of our Fluffy Friends.

We truly love and take good care of every animal we raise and we welcome every visitor that shares our care for the wildlife.

Fluffy Friends® is the best place to go out with kids in Saint-Petersburg!

When planning a visit to our Fluffy Friends® we kindly ask you properly prepare yourself and strictly follow our Safety Rules and Guidelines.

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